What happens after I order a cover?

Your chosen cover is reserved for you and temporary removed from purchase.

Within 24 hours of a received order the cover is changed to your specifications:

Title and author name location,  font style/color might be changed to suit your book.

A proof copy is then sent to your email address for approval.

The elements on the cover will be changed according to your specifications until you are satisfied.

After approval a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address.

After payment final high resolution files will be sent to your email address.

The cover is then removed from the site and will not be available for purchase anymore.


Do I have to pay for the cover in advance?

No, you only pay after approval of final design of the cover.


How do I pay for the cover?



What size are the ebook covers?

The ebook covers are 3200 pixels X 4800 pixels


What image format are the covers?

The covers are JPEG and PNG, if you need them in any other format just let me know.


How do I order a Createspace paperback cover?

For a Createspace paperback cover I need:

Trim Size: 5.25 x 8, 6 x 9 etc…

Number of pages: The page count after createspace upload.

Paper color: White or Cream

(Optional : Author Photo)


How are the covers made?

The covers are made in Photoshop with high resolution stock images from the top stock image agencies.


Are the stock images used on the covers licensed?

Yes, all images on the covers are licensed up to 250,000 copies sold.


Are the same covers sold multiple times?

No, after a cover is sold it is removed from the website.